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Siemens Solid Edge 2020

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Digitalize your entire product development process with Siemens Solid Edge 2020 and transform your business.

New features in Solid Edge 2020 such as augmented reality, expanded validation tools, model-based definition and 2D Nesting – combined with extensive enhancements to core CAD capabilities, enable enhanced collaboration and the ability to completely digitalize the design-to-manufacturing process.

Solid Edge: A Complete Portfolio

Visualize and validate your ideas with next generation technology, from augmented reality to MBD Speed your design process ten-fold with productivity gains in areas such as large assembly, sheet metal and data migration. Integrate next-generation technologies to create digital representations of your designs, making it quicker and easier to capture a digital twin of the physical product. Validate digital designs in a physical environment using new, photorealistic design visualization capabilities, so you can truly bring ideas to life.
Electromechanical design as it’s meant to be: a seamless integration of ECAD and MCAD Create fully functional and manufacturable electromechanical designs in a seamless ECAD-MCAD environment where changes are highlighted interactively in both domains, minimizing design errors and shortening development time.
Fully optimized additive and subtractive manufacturing Streamlined access to the latest manufacturing methods allow you to define and execute a wide range of manufacturing processes, including CNC machining, nesting, cutting, bending, molding, welding, assembling and additive manufacturing.
Put your designs in motion with simulation tools built for designers, powerful enough for analysts Digitally validate and optimize parts, assemblies and complete systems early in the design process to reduce the need for physical prototypes and save time and costs. Three new levels of simulation capabilities are now offered: Solid Edge Premium, Solid Edge Simulation, and Solid Edge Simulation Advanced.
Communicate your digital design documentation globally New and enhanced publishing tools allow users to import and export Solid Edge section views, publish vector graphics for PDF documents, define individual sizing for illustrations and produce images or vectors with transparent backgrounds.
Scalable, searchable and manageable data From built-in data management to Teamcenter integration, Solid Edge’s scalable set of tools can meet the varying needs of all manufacturers. Search for drawings, parts and assemblies using file names and standard or custom properties for quick and easy access to data. One-step and quick-release workflows with email notifications offer simple processes for design approval. And, Solid Edge Requirements Management provides systematic and effective tracking and reporting on customer and regulatory design requirements.
Secure storage, viewing and markup of CAD files The Solid Edge cloud-based portal provides secure storage, viewing, markup and sharing of CAD files. Now, you can also securely cloud-share Augmented Reality (AR) experiences through the Solid Edge Portal. Tablet/phone-based AR adds CAD models to real-world environments which
assists in design reviews and allow you to see how a product will look in its intended physical environment.

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