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Siemens Solid Edge ST10

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Convergent Modeling The “synchronous” in Synchronous Technology meant that several things were happening at the same time, rather than sequentially in order. In the same way, Convergent Modeling means that certain technologies are coming together.

The technologies that are coming together are:
Mesh Modeling – enables you to use mesh models as solid modelsReverse Engineering – the ability to get a BREP based solid body from mesh modelGenerative Design – reverses the FEA process to create optimized mesh geometry from a set of input conditions
Part Enhancements Scale Body command! Yes! Allows all positive values (not arbitrarily limited the way some CAD programs are). Scales about origin. Allows non-uniform scaling. You can select multiple bodies (and it will automatically scale multiple lumps within bodies).
Holes When you change standards, holes will find the nearest equivalent in the new standard. There is also a new tool to detect and report errors in the hole database.
Sketching Draw command in sketch enables touch screen users to draw on the screen and capture sketch entities like Catchbook.

PathXpres in 3D sketch enables automatic routing, point to point. 3D sketch has also been enhanced for routing, including adding the Split command.
Interface One of the big things that I know a lot of people will be interested in is Multi-Lingual Setup. The upshot here is that you can easily change languages without uninstall/reinstall just by using the Windows Control Panel, Region and Language dialog.
Help In ST10, you can now serve the HTML Help locally for your own use or on a local server to serve the data for everyone at your facility. See the sesetup.pdf for details.

There is also a new Help homepage for documentation and learning resources.

On this page you’ll find a number of installation and integration guides to help administrators find the info they need to find. This includes guides for Solid Edge, Teamcenter, Insight, Share Point, and Standard Parts.
Data Management There are some exciting enhancements in data management as well, following some of the nice things added in ST9. For example, Design Manager will now recognize standard parts. The Data Management tab also has a new Revisions command that enables you to access all the revisions of a single file, for vault users. Also building on the document numbers functions, ST10 can now assign file names automatically based on that information, again for vault users. There is also a new Find Duplicates command. Even simple file management is becoming powerful.

ST10 also has a couple of new drawing related document management tools. First, there’s an Open Drawing command on the Data Management tab that opens the drawing related to the active part or assembly.
Translators The new 3MF 3D print format can be used for export of part, assembly, and sheet metal data. There are enhancements for export to JT and STL as well.

You can now import mesh models to the Synchronous environment from JT, IFC, STL and STEP. Export mesh to JT, IFC, 3MF, and STL.
Collaboration The free Solid Edge 2D Drafting tool now also works as a viewer for full Solid Edge data. No license required.
3D Print Several enhancements for 3D printing have been added to ST10. You can now print directly from your desktop (with Windows 10). There is also a 3D print service portal for ordering a 3D print from a service provider. The 3MF 3D print format is now available for export.
Draft Enhancements In ST10 you can now override data cells with property text.Associative updates for PMI retried in drawing viewsHole table enhancementsDetail view scale interface improvementsA new annotation property extracts cut lengthPrecise table placementUndo command now works for drawing views

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