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buy Siemens Solid Edge ST4

Siemens Solid Edge ST4

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USD 369.95
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Solid Edge ST4 continues to lead the industry by helping machine designers and enabling engineers to develop better products faster. This latest Solid Edge release allows manufacturers to design better with synchronous technology, collaborate in a multi-CAD environment using the JT data format, validate sheet metal designs faster, and reduce documentation costs with world-class drafting.


2D Drawing
3D Modeling
Command Log
Customizable Tool Palette
Drag-and-Drop Modeling
Extrude 3D Models from 2D Designs
Generate 2D Drawings from 3D Models
Hatching Editor
Import Existing Designs
Layer Transparency
Macro Instruction
Numerical Object Tool
Parametric Modeling
Snap-to-Grid Functionality
Tape Measure Tool
Text Box
Texture Library

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