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Siemens Solid Edge ST8

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Design without Boundaries

Solid Edge ST8 delivers a uniquely powerful and accessible 3D design portfolio, combined with an amazing user experience, enabling the freedom to design without boundaries.

What's new

Uniquely Powerful Solid Edge ST8 frees you to focus on your design, not the software. Streamlined control of synchronous modeling promotes creative design as well as intuitive handling of imported 3D data. New table-driven patterns and visual drawing comparison enable you to produce accurate designs faster while reducing product development costs.
Accessibility Unleashed Using Solid Edge ST8 on the Microsoft Surfaceв„ў Pro, you are no longer tethered to a desk, and have complete freedom to create and modify your products instantly, at any time. You can optimize responsiveness and ensure that customer satisfaction and product quality are your top priorities.
Amazing User Experience Solid Edge ST8’s learning tools are tailored to the individual, enabling greater productivity in a short period of time. This allows design firms to benefit from increased purchase flexibility when employing temporary workers.

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