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Symantec Winfax Pro 10.4

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WinFax PRO 10 is the leading fax management software for small businesses. Its high-quality faxes help you project a professional image to your clients and customers. When image clarity is vital, you can generate photo-quality faxes.

You can even send or forward faxes via email to people who don’t have fax hardware or software.WinFax PRO is easy to set up, learn, and use. And it integrates smoothly with key business applications to simplify your management of client and
customer interactions.

WinFax PRO 10 includes several new features to help professionals improve productivity and enhance their business image. With WinFax PRO 10.0, users can send a fax to an e-mail address in a self-viewing format and forward a received fax as a self-viewing e-mail attachment. Rather than experience incompatibility issues common with other solutions, recipients of these emails are able to open and view the self-viewing attachments with or without WinFax PRO software installed on their computers. Also, a new feature automatically sends faxes with photo quality images enabling users to place their signature on the cover or body pages of outgoing faxes

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