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buy Transoft AeroTURN Pro 3D 5

Transoft AeroTURN Pro 3D 5

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USD 359.95
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The Complete CAD Software for 3D Airside Design, Planning, and Operations
AeroTURN Pro 3D is dynamic and intuitive software for designing airport gate layouts with docking of aircraft and passenger boarding bridges. Together with aircraft and support vehicle turn simulations makes AeroTURN Pro 3D the top choice among airport engineer, designers, and consultants worldwide.

Technological breakthrough in gate design
New support for multiple boarding bridges and lead-in lines allow you to perform and test complex docking scenarios for maximum efficiency at each gate. Design flexible stands that can handle a wide range of different aircraft classes or large, multi-deck aircraft.

Get onboard with one solution
With no costly additional modules required, AeroTURN Pro 3D is the one and only complete software solution for designing and planning airside expansion, upgrade, and rejuvenation projects. AeroTURN Pro includes aircraft and passenger boarding bridge libraries

3D Aircraft and Ground Support Vehicle Movement Simulations

Perform 3D aircraft and ground vehicle forward, reverse, and oversteer turning simulations through mouse movements using SmartPath tools with three interactive drive modes
Perform aircraft simulations using maximum nosewheel or effective steering angle to evaluate aircraft apron, taxiway, and runway clearances
Create aircraft simulations with a minimum clearance from an apron element (i.e. enter ICAO guidelines for minimum wheel clearance from taxiway curves)
Oversteer option gives realistic representation of how an aircraft negotiates oversteered conditions such as when parking an aircraft along lead-in lines or defining space requirements at runway-to-taxiway intersections
Convert 2D turn simulations into equivalent 3D turn simulations by selecting a terrain for the aircraft or groud support vehicle to interact with

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