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Transoft AeroTURN Pro 5

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The Complete CAD Software for Airside Design, Planning, and Operations
AeroTURN Pro is dynamic and intuitive software for designing airport gate layouts with docking of aircraft and passenger boarding bridges. Together with aircraft and support vehicle turn simulations makes AeroTURN Pro the top choice among airport engineer, designers, and consultants worldwide.

Technological breakthrough in gate design
New support for multiple boarding bridges and lead-in lines allow you to perform and test complex docking scenarios for maximum efficiency at each gate. Design flexible stands that can handle a wide range of different aircraft classes or large, multi-deck aircraft.

Get onboard with one solution
With no costly additional modules required, AeroTURN Pro is the one and only complete software solution for designing and planning airside expansion, upgrade, and rejuvenation projects. AeroTURN Pro includes aircraft and passenger boarding bridge libraries

Airport Gate Design Features

Show the operational radius area for aircraft fuel pits with automatic warnings displayed when a set aircraft stop line position is located outside of the safe fuel pit location zone
Placed docking simulations are automatically updated when changes are made in the Gate Setup feature and aircraft lead-in line geometry
Automatic error reporting when a parked aircraft wingtip violates the minimum spacing requirement of a neighboring plane
Display safety clearance lines and aircraft ground service points at aircraft stand for apron design
Drag multiple aircraft along a lead-in line to a predetermined single stop line position
Generate apron safety clearance lines that account for all aircraft assigned to a specific stand
Redesigned Gate Setup interface providing context sensitive design information
Support for multiple boarding bridges and lead-in lines per gate
Display filtered list of acceptable boarding bridges for selected aircraft assigned to a gate
Draw each defined stop line along a selected lead-in line and label with specific aircraft

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