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Transoft AutoTURN InSite 8

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Entry-level Vehicle Turn Simulation Software for Modeling Basic Maneuvers
AutoTURNВ® InSite provides cost conscious urban engineers and architects a simple and reliable option for performing vehicle simulations in the design of roadways, loading zones, parking lots, and driveways.

Productivity on a budget
Using the proven AutoTURN technology trusted by engineers worldwide, AutoTURN InSite comes with just a core feature set making it very convenient and easy to use. Creating basic vehicle maneuvers is a straightforward process in AutoTURN InSite – ideal for infrequent users and designers who do not want to outsource their vehicle access work.

Flexible to meet demands
AutoTURN InSite comes preloaded with four design vehicles for simple projects. You can also add on national standard and AutoTURN extended vehicle libraries of your choice to suit different project requirements.

Core Simulation Functionality

Ability to generate a straight line section while simulating an arc path
Work with a maximum of 20 path sections for any vehicle simulation
Perform reverse maneuvers for single-part vehicles (reversing two or more part vehicles not supported)
Ability to use realistic vehicle plan views for simulation creation and animations
Generate swept path envelopes from vehicle shapes with chamfered corners or filleted radii
Real-time, dynamically updated information (radius, steering and articulating angle values) displayed for the selected vehicle while “driving” a simulation using the “Generate Arc Path” Smart Path Tool
Define and hatch vehicle body swept envelopes for tracking during a turn simulation
Simulate realistic turning maneuvers for vehicles that employ front and rear steering linkage
Create simulations using arcs, polylines, or splines (with Place Vehicle command)

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