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Deliver Windows Applications to Mac Users VMware Fusion 6 Professional is designed for IT professionals who want to allow corporate users to run Windows programs on Macs, and for users who are looking for advanced functionalities to run Windows virtual machines.
Control and Secure Applications and Data VMware Fusion 6 Professional enables IT professionals to control and secure corporate applications and data in a variety of fundamental ways. IT administrators can create and control policies around your virtual machines and deliver applications to end-users in a simplified "restricted" virtual machine container. VMware Fusion 6 Professional also allows restricting access to certain virtual machine settings and can even prevent users' from connecting USB devices to restricted virtual machines. This ensures users are not able to tamper with corporate images. Additionally, virtual machines can be encrypted and password-protected to provide yet another layer of protection.
Easy and Reliable Deployment VMware Fusion 6 Professional provides an easy, reliable, and proven way to allow company employees to run the Windows programs they need on the Macs they want. Use existing Windows management tools to deploy Windows and Windows applications, apply patches, and enable conformance to policy. VMware Fusion 6 Professional comes with IT administration tools to help you deploy VMware Fusion using Apple or a third-party Mac management solution like JAMF’s Casper Suite. Further reduce the cost of supporting Windows desktop using single virtual machine mode which limits user access to the Virtual Machine library, the ability to create new virtual machines or migrate PCs and reduces menu options.
Deploy Virtual Machines on Macs, Windows, or Linux Systems VMware Fusion 6 Professional supports BYOPC programs by including the award-winning VMware Player 6 Plus. Run restricted virtual machines on Macs, Windows or Linux systems, all from a single solution. VMware Fusion keeps it simple by giving you one license key that will activate both VMware Fusion Professional and VMware Player Plus.
Simplify License Management Buying and managing VMware Fusion 6 Professional licenses is easy. Purchase licenses in volume and configure them so your end users are productive using Windows on a Mac from their first power-on. Use the My VMware licensing portal to easily manage all your license keys and support entitlements. Merge license keys together or break them apart, as you see fit.
Eliminate Support Headaches Reduce your support costs by directing end-users to the customized web resources of your choice, directly from VMware Fusion's "Help" menu. Users even have access to VMware Fusion’s Learning Center which includes step-by-step easy to view videos that will get them up and running in no time with running Windows on a Mac. VMware Fusion 6 Professional customers are eligible for VMware's industry leading support.


Retain More Control over Restricted Virtual Machines
Accommodate Bring Your Own PC (BYOPC)
Ready for the new Operating Systems
Faster, More Powerful Virtual Machines
Higher Performing Graphics-Based Applications
Create Virtual Networks
Create Linked Clones
Improved Usability

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