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VMware Fusion 7

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The Best Way to Run Windows on a Mac VMware Fusion® 7 is the easiest, fastest and most reliable way to run Windows® applications on a Mac® without rebooting. It is recommended for new and existing Mac users who want to continue running the Windows application they can’t live without.
Easily Switch from a PC to a Mac It’s easy to transfer your entire PC to your Mac with the Fusion PC migration assistant for Windows so you can make the most of your Windows investment. Get the best of both worlds with Mac virtualization and have access to your Windows applications and all the files from your old PC directly on your Mac, whenever you need them.
Run Your Favorite Windows Applications Run your favorite Windows applications alongside Mac applications without rebooting. Whether you would like to run Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 on a Mac, the Fusion easy install feature will get you up and running in no time. With the ability to run Windows-only applications like Microsoft Project, Access and Internet Explorer, Fusion turns your Mac into the ultimate computer for compatibility.
Windows Applications on a Mac Made Easy VMware Fusion 7 makes it easier than ever to run Windows on a Mac. Use Windows applications the same way you use Mac applications, with seamless copy-and-paste, drag-and-drop, and networking and printing that require no additional setup.
Run Windows Applications Like Mac Applications Launch Windows applications directly from the Dock, Spotlight or Launchpad and view them in ExposГ©, Spaces and Mission Control as if they were Mac applications. Easily interact with Windows applications using Mac shortcuts and intuitive gestures.
The Perfect Complement to Boot Camp No more choosing between Windows or Mac at startup. Fusion lets you run Windows and Mac applications side-by-side directly from your existing Boot Camp partition.

And, when you’re ready, easily import your Boot Camp partition and reclaim unused space on your partition, while taking advantage of great virtualization-only features like Snapshots, AutoProtect and the ability to instantly Suspend and Resume without waiting for Windows to boot.

Ready for OS X Yosemite and Windows 8.1

Designed for OS X Yosemite
Ready for Windows 8.1

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