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buy Video Copilot Motion Design Pack 2

Video Copilot Motion Design Pack 2

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USD 49.95
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3D Models For All!

Great for Motion GraphicsMulti Object PiecesLiquid MeshesAbstract DesignsAnd much more!

3D Model List

Abstract Strings: 18 Models
Abstract Sweeps: 12 Models
Arrows: 39 Models
Arrow Signs: 7 Models
Atoms: 10 Models
Broken Glass: 10 Models
Cloth: 11 Models
Greeble: 12 Models
Grid Array: 10 Models
Liquids: 67 Models
Machine Parts: 23 Models
Multi Object Pieces: 11 Models
Multi Object Screens: 10 Models
Music Notes: 6 Models
Organic Forms: 24 Models
Rings Borders: 11 Models

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