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Windows 10 Pro - Right for business

Join your Domain You can connect to your business or school Domain or Azure Active Directory to use network files, servers, printers, and more.
Enhanced encryption Get additional security with BitLocker to help protect your data with encryption and security management.
Remote log-in Windows 10 enables you to log in with Remote Desktop to sign in and use your Pro PC while at home or on the road.
Virtual machines Create and run virtual machines with Hyper-V so you can run more than one operating system at the same time on the same PC.
Your apps in the Store Windows 10 lets you create your own private app section in the Windows Store for convenient access to company applications


It just works Windows 10 combines the Windows you already know and adds great improvements you’ll love. Technologies like InstantGo1 let you boot up and resume quickly. And Windows 10 has more built-in security features than ever to help protect against malicious software.
Multi-doing Multi-task like a master with the ability to snap four things on the screen at once. Screen getting crowded? Create virtual desktops to get more space and work with just the items you want. Plus, all your notifications and key settings are collected on one easy-to-reach screen.
Microsoft Edge It’s the all-new browser designed to make the web work the way you do. Write or type directly on webpages and share your mark-ups with others. You’ll like the reading view that clears away distractions. There’s also an improved address bar to help you find things faster.
Continuum The best screen is always the one you’re on, because Windows 10 optimizes your experience for your activity and device. Onscreen features adapt for easy navigation and apps scale smoothly from the smallest to the largest displays.
Uniquely yours Your Windows 10 device recognizes you and acknowledges your presence in truly personal ways. With Windows Hello, your device greets you by name and lights up in recognition, waving you through log-in and freeing you from having to remember or type in a password.
Gaming & Xbox Play your Xbox One games on your Windows 10 PC, laptop, or tablet. Use the Game DVR feature to record your greatest hero moves and send to your friends instantly, without leaving your game.
Cortana Cortana is your truly personal digital assistant who works across all your Windows 10 devices to help you get things done. By learning more about you over time, Cortana becomes more useful every day, staying transparent and keeping your trust.

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