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Windows 8.1

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Your familiar desktop From the Start screen, you're just a click away from the familiar Windows desktop you know, so you can do the stuff you’ve always done.
Your own unique start screen Personalize your Start screen with your favorite news, friends, social networks, and apps. Customizable colors and backgrounds and four different sizes of tiles make your Windows as unique as you are.
Mouse, keyboard, and now touch Windows 8.1 works with different types of devices, including touch, mouse-and-keyboard, or both. Discover fast and fluid ways to switch between apps, move things around, and go smoothly from one place to another.
The apps you want In addition to great built-in apps for email, people, photos, and video editing, you can also download thousands of popular apps from the Windows Store, including Netflix, ESPN, Skype, and Halo: Spartan Assault.
Works hard, plays hard Windows 8.1 gives you the power to quickly browse, watch movies, play games, polish your resume, and pull together a killer presentation—all on a single PC. Now you can organize up to three apps on your screen at once in a single view.
Your Office, your way Experience Office at its best on Windows 8 devices. Discover new and better ways to create, edit, and browse—using a keyboard, pen, or touchscreen. Don't forget: Office is not part of Windows 8.1.

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