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Xilisoft DVD Creator 7

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Preserve your precious video collections by burning them to DVD.

Create Home DVD movies from all kinds of videos formats.Burn HD videos like H.264/MPEG-4 HD video to DVD.Create Home DVD from videos taken by smart phone, DV, etc.Burn to any Blank recordable and Rewritable DVDs.Abundant DVD-menu templates are provided.

Create Creative DVD from Any Videos by Xilisoft DVD Creator

Create DVD Movies Convert and burn all popular video formats, HD videos and camcorder videos taken by iPhone, other smart phone and DV to DVD.
Flexible Video Editor Clip the segments you want and merge them together. Crop video frame size. Adjust video image effect. Add subtitles, watermark and audio tracks.
Personalize DVD menu It offers templates to create stylish menus and you can inserts background picture & music. You can also set chapters to arrange the files on DVD.
Burn to ISO/DVD Folder Besides burning DVD-format discs, the DVD movie creator also allows you to burn videos to DVD folders and ISO files.

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