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iSkysoft Video Editor 6

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Best Video Editing Software to Make Your Own Stunning Videos

If you have many home videos and photos stored in your hard drive, you can now preserve the precious memory in a new way – create an amazing movie out of videos and photos. With iSkysoft Video Editor for Mac, it is easier than ever to share your video and impress everyone. It has every common tool you need to enhance your clips with a few clicks, and professional filter effects and intro/credit clips bring your video to the next level instantly. You're then ready to share it virtually anywhere, including YouTube, mobile devices and your big TV.

Edit and Personalize Video, Audio and Photos with Ease

Diverse Editing Tools Drag and drop to arrange clip orders and get handy tools to cut, crop, and rotate your video.
Color Correction Get perfect photos and video by adjusting Brightness, Contrast, Hue and Saturation.
Animated Titles 10 title templates allow you to add animated and funny captions on top of video.
PIP Apply from 59 transition effects to videos and photos and add photo motion effects to achieve stunning movie effects instantly.
Green Screen Lay two videos together and freely change the video background without hassle.
Face off Funny face templates enable you to replace faces in a video, making your movie more interesting.
Mosaic Apply mosaic effect to blur a particular area in your video or photo.
Scene Detection Automatically detects the scene boundaries in your video, making you accurately split or trim the files.

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