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buy proDAD Mercalli 4 SAL

proDAD Mercalli 4 SAL

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USD 99.95
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No matter what sport, no matter what type of shooting, no matter what kind of camera you’re using -
You hope and expect your videos to look like your actual experiences! And what do you get instead?
Shaky and distorted images…

But that was yesterday, this is today: You take care of the shooting, then Mercalli V4+ optimizes the footage for you!

Video stabilizer, rolling shutter and CMOS correction for any action-cam, camera phone, or camcorder.

And no matter whether it’s the vehicle’s engine vibration, or a bumpy surface, that’s causing the faulty image: Mercalli handles jello, vibration, and distortion – individually and in combination! Compared to a camera’s internal stabilizer, Mercalli V4+ clearly produces the superior result and allows for a wider viewing angle.
With its additional features - comprehensive CMOS correction and further optimization in 3-axis-stablization - with Version 4+, you can expect the most powerful Mercalli yet.
Forget worrying about vibration, shakes, or complicated mounting devices. Don’t get frustrated with expensive or heavy gyros or gimbals, which are not able to remove CMOS distortions and shorten battery life (if you’re shooting from an aerial plane/copter) due to added weight. Don't bother with incam stabilization, which only decreases the video resolution, often does a sub-optimal job of stabilizing, and can’t correct CMOS distortions.
Simply mount the camera wherever you want on whatever you want and focus on getting that fantastic shot – leave the stabilizing and distortion corrections to Mercalli V4 SAL+.
Treat yourself to the best stabilization available.
Mercalli is an ideal companion product for proDAD’s other specialized tools like ReSpeedr for slomo and timelapse sequences and DeFishr for an automatic fisheye correction to further optimize and enhance videos.


Greatly improved video stabilization, faster and more efficient than ever!Unique and completely automatic CMOS correction for skew, wobble and jelloMost refined and effective 3D stabilization (X, Y, and Z-axis stabilization)Optical-Warp-Image-Stabilize-Function (Fisheye-distortions do not disturb the stabilization process)No need to remove wideangle-distortions: therefore faster rendering and less zoom-inNumerous cameras are supported. Universal profiles included as wellDynamic Zoom Reduction (significantly reduces the need to zoom-in)Improved border-boundary adjustments, which also reduces the need to zoom-inDegree of sharpening can be selected easily during editingEnhanced options determining camera movementStraight forward storyboard function for combined clip exportSuper fast full screen preview with new comparison modes original/optimizedForensic View for evaluation and further optimization of the corrected video *In addition to Mercalli V4’s comprehensive set of individual settings Mercalli offers a full auto mode for stabilization as well as CMOS correction.
Advanced customization settings are an option for those who want full control to be able to finetune and tweak every detail.

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