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progeCAD 2016 Professional

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progeCAD 2016 Professional, is an AutoCADВ® compatible 2D/3D CAD application that works with AutoCADВ® DWG files from AutoCADВ® 2.5 through AutoCADВ® 2016! The best solution for AEC, MCAD and all generic CAD usages.

What's new

DWG 2016 support Support for DWG from 2.5 to 2016 versions
progeCAD Cloud Save and open drawings on Cloud! progeCAD Cloud makes it easy for you to reach any of your drawings wherever you are. What is more, it is an optimal way of sharing drawings with your team and customers. progeCAD Cloud supports the major cloud services for file sharing and syncing like DropBox, Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive. progeCAD configuration settings are being saved on Cloud and then can be easily exported to another PC. How it works ? Click here
Dynamic Input Dynamic Input is an alternative way of entering commands through a command line interface at your Crosshair. You can input data like the length of a line or the radius of a circle with dynamic visualization of changes relative to mouse movements. When dynamic input is turned on, a tooltip displays dynamically updated information next to the cursor. When a command is in progress, you can specify options and values in the tooltip text box. You can also configure dynamic input to meet your personal or company standards. The feature is to further boost your productivity by making drafting and editing processes way more efficient.
Dynamic UCS The previous progeCAD versions constrained the drafter to constantly change the XY plane to work on a particular face or plane of an object when working with 3D models. You had to specify a new user coordinate system every time you changed views. The new dynamic UCS feature automatically creates a temporary XY plane to draw on. The dynamic UCS feature dramatically speeds up drawing in 3D environment.
Annotative Objects The feature automates the sizing of annotations such as text, hatch and dimensions in multiple viewports with varying scales. The annotative objects are scaled based on the current annotation scale setting and are automatically displayed at the correct size.
Arc Aligned Text The ARCTEXT command enables text alignment along an existing arc object. It is a very handy feature to add complex curved text in your drawings.
PDF/A ISO19005 Standard Print progeCAD 2016 can create PDF files compliant with the PDF/A Standard. The PDF/A file format is often a requisite for official institutions and public administrations. The PDF/A file format is an ISO-standardized version of the Portable Document Format (PDF) specialized for the digital preservation of electronic documents. PDF/A differs from PDF by prohibiting features ill-suited to long-term archiving, such as font linking (as opposed to font embedding).
Drawing Fields The Field tool automates the insertion of titleblock text or any other annotations in a drawing.
BreakLine Command Creates a breakline, a polyline including a breakline symbol, by specifying two points and the location of the breakline symbol between them. You can control the relative size and appearance of the breakline symbol and the extension of the polyline beyond the selected start and end points.
Autocomplete Command mode Entering a command or system variable you are assisted by a list or auto completion of the commands and system variables as they are being typed.
Change Space Command It is quite easy to move entities from Model Space to Paper Space or the other way round with the help of the CHSPACE command. Let’s say that you add some text in your drawing, but then decide that the text should really be in a Notes box in your title block. The CHSPACE command will do that just in a second. The command actually does more than just move or copy selected entities, it also scales entities by the viewport scale so they come out in the correct size.
Draw Order advanced tools The new toolbar allows an advanced control of draw order of CAD entities making your check on the drawing arrangement more accurate and efficient.
Advanced Solid Grips By dragging grips you can change the shape and size of primitive solids. For example, the change of the height of a cone will maintain the overall cone shape and automatically update the base radius. The Solid Grips feature is introduced to enrich 3D editing operations.
3D Ortho Alongside the classic X,Y Ortho snap modes restricting cursor movement to horizontal and vertical, the program now also provides the Z Ortho mode restricting the cursor to the up and down directions.

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