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If you are just getting started with Inkscape, there's also an inexpensive introductory sample that is 100% free. To learn how to create your own inkscape files and how to use Inkscape, you can read the Introduction to Inkscape article. The free download includes everything you need to start creating Inkscape documents and graphics right away. This excellent way to learn Inkscape is a great starting point for anyone wanting to get started in using Inkscape. cheap adobe illustrator photoshop fonts as suggested on 2Ps! Too cool, I just used full screen two2ons to view them :) cheap adobe acrobat can be built with existing tools. This is as it should be - it comes straight out of the free-as-in-speech spirit of the open source movement, which was designed to show that the practical application of software is not necessarily the most important factor in a free operating system. The link between open source and free-software advocates is clear. In our own case we developed the game by liberally using the open source software that came with the game engine, but then decided to write our own visual effects engine. We thought of this initially as a creative way of pushing the limits of open source software, not as a distraction from the overall goal of making a free game. At the time we conceived the new engine we hoped to remove the common network